Schedule - A

Per Class Duration: 30 mins
Per Week Classes: 1 Class
Per Month Classes: 4 Classes
Monthly Fee: $17
The recognized language for formal spoken and written communication is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). In the media, education, and official contexts across the Arabic-speaking world. Anyone who wants to communicate successfully in Arabic, whether for work, travel, or personal reasons, must learn MSA. It offers a strong basis for language comprehension and can act as a link for learning and comprehending the numerous languages used throughout the Arab world. You will study the fundamentals of MSA in this course, including vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing. It also provides you with grammatical subjects, practice with real texts, and real-world scenarios. The ability to successfully communicate in formal Arabic contexts will be developed in students through a combination of lessons, activities, and practice. The four abilities of hearing, speaking, reading, and writing will be used by students in this course to apply the language in a select group of typical circumstances. Students will learn how to communicate with others in a basic level of communication. Additionally, they will be taught the fundamentals of the Arabic writing system and taught how to read and write simple words and sentences. Overall, MSA is a significant and frequently used language, and acquiring it will give your kids a wealth of opportunity to interact with people from all across the Arab world.

Addon Class

for *60 min Class Duration Monthly fee will be doubled

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