Schedule - A

Per Class Duration: 30 mins
Per Week Classes: 1 Class per week
Per Month Classes: 4 Classes per month
Monthly Fee: $10
Students can learn and memories the word-for-word translation of the Quran in Urdu or English by taking our online course in Quran translation. Quran translation course is designed to help individuals understand the meaning of the Quranic verses in a language they are comfortable with (English, Urdu or Hindi). The foundation of Divine wisdom and the secret to fulfilment in both worlds is the Holy Quran. It is the message of Allah to all people. The Quran is a comprehensive moral code that addresses every facet of life. Each and every Muslim must learn the translation of the Quran into their own tongue in order to comprehend the word of ALLAH. It is best to read the Quran slowly, giving each ayah careful thought, in order to allow the meaning of each word to sink into your mind. This is only possible if you comprehend the significance of the Divine book. Therefore, enrolling in a Quran translation course is crucial. A believer’s heart and spirit are filled with calm and the light of the Quran’s clean guidance as they meditate on its words. In any field of study, no amount of information can be acquired before you comprehend the language. For anyone whose first language is not Arabic, the Holy Quran must also be learned according to such a simple and fundamental guideline.

Addon Class

for *60 min Class Duration Monthly fee will be doubled

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