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The teaching of the Sacred Islamic Sciences takes place at Al Bayan Islamic Institute, which is the top educational institution. We combine the most recent instructional methods and technology with conventional means of passing along knowledge. Al Bayan Islamic Institute has offered courses in Arabic that study and illuminate classical Islamic writings.

Additionally, we offer students of all knowledge levels and backgrounds the chance to learn from some of the best living intellectuals of our time. Our programmes are well-known in both the Arab and non-Arab worlds, and thousands of students and intellectuals have benefited greatly from them.


Student-Centered Approach

Our institute places the needs and interests of our students at the center of everything we do. We offer flexible scheduling and personalized instruction to accommodate the diverse needs and learning styles of our students.


Experienced Team

With expertise in Islamic Studies, Arabic language, and Quranic recitation and interpretation, our team offers personalized guidance and support to students at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

We offer a variety of completely online courses, an Arabic programme, organized, in-depth Islamic studies, residential retreats, and weekend lectures as part of our innovative educational initiatives. The academic courses and programmes are taught by trained, experienced professors from throughout the world who have a wealth of expertise in both the Islamic and secular worlds. We work hard to be at the cutting edge of Islamic education, giving you the best experience in your quest for knowledge and personal development. We help Imams in developing nations gain the skills they need to better themselves, their neighborhoods, and the larger society they serve as part of our efforts to give back.

In order to make the pursuit of Islamic knowledge easier, Al Bayan Islamic Institute has chosen to provide the self-paced diploma programme. We did this because we understand that many devout students are unable to commit to our acclaimed intense diploma programmes in real-time. This gives students the ability to tailor and pace their learning as they see fit, checking in with the programme mentor and academic staff as needed for advice, evaluation, or criticism. Every participant in our courses will be taught directly and unrestrictedly by the esteemed hadith scholar and authors.

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Quran & Islamic Courses

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